Others Ship, We Deliver

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, State-Wide Delivery Service is committed to providing a premium customer experience providing customized, reliable courier solutions with a focus on value driven options.

Founded in 1987 State-Wide recognized the need to support commercial airlines delivering misrouted passenger luggage. Over the years State-Wide has expanded operations to provide custom, courier solutions for various industries including: aviation, medical, education, retail, and freight. From small, local companies to Fortune 500 brands we see that you’re equally satisfied with our service. Certified with peace of mind.

Woman accepting a delivery of cardboard boxes from deliveryman

“Your delivery represents more than just a package. It’s a partnership of trust. We strive for perfection, and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.”

As President of State-Wide Delivery Service, Lori Moxley Yoho co-founded the company with her husband, Timothy John Yoho, 30+ years ago. Combining her innate ability to develop, launch, and implement complex solutions in a fast pace environment with a commitment to serving customers, she has created Central Ohio’s premier, custom delivery company. The exceptional service in day-to-day operations is a testament to her unwavering commitment to delivering only the best.

Lori Moxley Yoho


We’ve received award-winning recognition over the years, and continue to push ourselves to set high standards for our service. As a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier we’ve been able to build valuable relationships with passenger airlines, giving our customers more options for a cost-effective and timely delivery service.

You tell us the destination. We’ll manage the delivery details.